Lovely words about Roz McLeod Vocals and the Heart & Soul Choir… (thank you, clients!):

“An evening with Heart and Soul leaves you feeling uplifted and like you’re a part of something VERY special…”

“Joining the Heart and Soul Choir is one of the best things I have done… Having such a fun, energetic leader is very inspiring I, for one, feel very lucky to be able to be part of it…”

“Joining the Heart and Soul Choir has brought back an incredible sense of community that has been missing from other choirs…”

“Even if you arrive at choir in a grump with the kids and your day, I always leave feeling better – it’s great fun!”

“When Roz taught singing at our school we were so very lucky to have her energy, positivity, creativity, humour, friendliness and expertise. All of the children (and teachers!) adored her. I recommend her to every parent who enquires about singing lessons. As well as having Roz as a colleague in a professional capacity I also took my baby girl to her music group Pipsqueaks which I know she loved…. as did I!! Roz is just a lovely person whose positive spirit rubs off on everyone.”

Helen McNee Principal – The Jam Academy