Welcome To Our Choir

If you love to sing, enjoy meeting new people and having a real sense of community, this is the place to be!

The Heart & Soul Choirs are full of truly gorgeous groups of people who get together every week during the term time to sing, have a laugh and generally leave enormously uplifted and cheerful.  There is always space for new members to join us and you will be made to feel very welcome.

Our Choirs are all about accessibility and community so there is no scary audition, no need to be able to sight-read music and absolutely no pressure on anyone at all.  This is a friendly community choir, a Choir full of heart and soul.

Come and join us - you're going tocropped-Roz-sign-off-for-blog-1.pngit.

Roz Signature Aug 2016

Roz McLeod CT ABRSM (Voice)

Founder & Choir Director

What People Say About The Heart & Soul Choir…

“An evening with the Heart & Soul Choir leaves you feeling uplifted and like you’re a part of something VERY special…”


“Joining The Heart & Soul Choir has brought back an incredible sense of community that is missing from other choirs.”


“Joining The Heart & Soul Choir is one of the best things I have ever done.  Having such a fun, energetic leader is very inspiring!”


“Even if I arrive at Choir in a grump with the kids and my day, I always leave feeling better.  It’s great fun!”


“I am so glad I found you!  It took a lot of courage to come along, but you made me feel so comfortable on the ‘phone that I thought the people in the choir must be as warm as you … and they absolutely are!  I love the songs we sing, the laughs, the support we get from you as our Leader.  It’s the highlight of my week.”


“Your energy, positivity and hilarious anecdotes keep me laughing all week, Roz.  Thank you so much for helping me find some ME time in my life.”


“The musical medley that you created for us was perfect for a group of 30 mixed age warblers. I hope that we will get the opportunity to work with you again in the near future, it is certainly still being talked about at the club!”


“The Age Concern Charity Ball at the Queens Stand was ROCKED when the Heart and Soul Flashmob burst into life with ‘Happy’ … never seen a room so lit up … Roz McLeod, what a leader!”


“Roz gave our choir the injection of energy and excitement it needed at a time when it was faltering, and we wanted it to grow. The first time she joined us we were all blown away by her charisma, her energy, and presence. I learnt new skills from our time with Roz, and some of the advice gave me the final push I needed to really bring my confidence out.”


Why Join Our Choir?

1:  It's SOOOO good for you to sing!

The positive impact of singing for people of all ages are widely publicised, and for good reason!  Singing positive, upbeat and challenging repertoire makes us all feel good, forgetting everything else outside the Choir ... and the cuppa and biscuit in our breaks don't do us any harm either.


2:  It gets us all breathing properly.

Breathing for singing is something quite different to everyday respiration, and our Choir Leader is a fully-trained Vocal Coach, so keeps us all standing well, singing for maximum impact and breathing correctly, ensuring that we are all vocally healthy and happy.


3:  It gets us out!

The enormous feeling of wellbeing and joy our Choir members feel is incredible - it's like we're in a Choir Family.  And all ages and stages are welcome, so don't worry if you haven't sung in anywhere other than your bathroom before, you'll be fully supported in your singing with us.

People join choirs for all sorts of reasons and if you are looking to make some new friends and working with others towards a common goal, then you'll be safe with us.

We get together at least once a term for dinner (Cobham Choir meet every week for coffee!) and we also make the most of living so close to the West End, ensuring we have regular trips to see the best London shows at excellent group rate ticket prices.


4:  We do our bit for Charity.

We are booked to perform many times throughout the year and all performances are opportunities to raise funds for our Choir's chosen charity, Winston's Wish.  With your help, we can beat all records in fundraising for them every year.